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Erotic Bar CLEOPATRA Sofia



Address:Бул. Черни Връх 25, хотел Хемус, жк Лозенец, София 1000

Phone:0876 20 99 09

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Services:Wi Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Company parties, Private parties, Promotions/ Events


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Number of reviews: 46343


Welcome to Erotic Bar CLEOPATRA Sofia with address: Бул. Черни Връх 25, хотел Хемус, жк Лозенец, София 1000. The bar has a capacity of 100 seats and is one of the bars in Sofia which offers the following types of cuisine: EROTIC-BAR, and the following services and extras: Wi Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Promotions/ Events.

The bar is excellent for organizing special events such as: special occasions - birthday parties, weddings, and kid's birthday Parties, company parties, private parties.

Phone number for contact and reservations at Erotic Bar CLEOPATRA Sofia: 0876 20 99 09.

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